Kindness Activities for Kids

Teaching Kids to Be Kind

I often think about some of the skills we teach kids from Kindergarten to Grade 3. Along with reading, writing and math, we should have time set aside each day to teach our students that kindness matters. It’s a hot topic. All you have to do is look on Pinterest. You’ll see all kinds of inspirational quotes about kindness and ideas to promote random acts of kindness. Wanting my students to be kinder and more compassionate was the inspiration behind my book, How to be a Friend (Scholastic Canada). If you’d like a kid-friendly version about this inspiration, you can download my letter here.

Back to School

First Day of School
Think about your earliest memory of heading back to school. Maybe you think of a new outfit you wore that first day of kindergarten. Maybe you remember buying new school supplies. For me, I remember the smell of leather. Leather, because back then (yes, I am talking a l-o-n-g time ago), kids had real leather book bags. Not a backpack. A book bag. The kind with a strap over your shoulder. Sturdy and guaranteed to last more than a year.