Black History Month in Canada

Black History Month in Canada celebrates activists like Viola Desmond and NHLer Willie O’Ree.  While many students have heard about Rosa Parks and her infamous bus ride, fewer students know about Viola Desmond being jailed for sitting in the “whites only”  section of a Nova Scotia movie theatre.

Elementary students can check out more about this activist in this resource geared for kids from Grades 1-3.  (Click on the image to see the resource.)

When celebrating Black History Month in Canada, why not combine research with art? Elementary students from GRADES 2-5 will have fun learning about Black Canadians who helped pave the way against social injustices.

Check out this resource that creates a beautiful bulletin board display that’s filled with facts about activists like Viola Desmond, Harry Jerome and Carrie Best. After completing research on any Black Canadian, students create a gorgeous quilt display. (Click on the image to see the resource.)

Students from GRADES 3-6 can also make a lap book. This is a wonderful research project! (Click on the image to see the resource.)

Or a flip book (click on the image to see the resource) - perfect for GRADES 2-5:

There are so many ways to celebrate Black History Month in Canada. What will you and your students do?